Phone/Video Counselling

We understand that we all lead busy lives, which is why we have made phone or online video counselling available.

This is a great option for a busy professional who cannot get away from the office, but can find 50 minutes to close the door and have a session. 

This is also a wonderful option for a stay-at-home mom who may be able to find 50 minutes to do an online session.

Travelling for work?  Perfect, keep up with your counselling sessions remotely.

If this option interests you, it is very simple to utilize.  Simply indicate when you are booking a session that you would like a phone or online/video counselling.

If you have the ability to download Skype software, we can connect that way and have the ability to see one another.  If not, that is okay too.  We can do it over the phone.

Research shows that clients are as satisfied with the outcomes from "telepsychology" as they are with in-person treatment. 

Please use the contact form to schedule an appointment for Phone/Video Counselling.